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Charter schools are public schools, just a different kind. Publicly funded, tuition-free and nonsectarian - like traditional public schools - they are open to all DC residents and receive public funds according to how many students are enrolled.
Public charter schools like Friendship seek to get ahead of the curve in improving public education in DC. Free to determine their school policies and programs, charters are held accountable for improving student achievement by DC's Public Charter School Board. Innovations include longer school days and a longer school year, more personalized learning environments, and an emphasis on college completion from the earliest age.
Friendship opened its first public charter school sites, Chamberlain and Woodridge, in 1998. The following year, Friendship launched two additional sites, Blow Pierce and Collegiate. Since 1999, Friendship has added two more sites, Southeast and Friendship Tech Prep.
Today, Friendship is authorized to operate 12 DC Charter campuses on eight sites serving students from PK to 12th grade.