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Meet Our Master Teachers

A Friendship Master Teacher (MT) exemplifies key instructional drivers, and plays a crucial role in developing and shaping the direction of classroom instruction at Friendship Public Charter School. As a prominent instructional leader and professional example, the MT ensures students throughout the school are held to the highest of expectations, both academically and behaviorally, and are engaged in innovative and rigorous instruction. The MT’s day encompasses educating students and providing professional development to teachers.  The MT’s leadership responsibilities extend beyond the school year to include strategic academic planning and professional development throughout the summer. 

Stacey Adams, Middle School ELA

Stacey Adams joined Friendship in 2007, teaching Middle School English Language Arts. Ms. Adams is committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students. Leveraging seven years of experience in the Media Industry, she promotes a love of reading and writing by incorporating technology, hands-on learning experiences, and various literature genres. As a Master Teacher, Ms. Adams tirelessly assists the school leadership team in promoting a culture of reflection and unremitting support by conducting district-wide professional development sessions, facilitating grade-level meetings, vertical planning, leading data talks, as well as coaching Cheerleading and Girls on The Run. She is a strong proponent of using music throughout the day to set the classroom tone. She explains, “Music helps students maintain a positive mood and increases energy. She calls this 'Musical Mood Maintenance!'” 


 Jennifer Beckwith, Middle School Science

Jennifer Beckwith proudly teaches at Friendship’s first International Baccalaureate school, Friendship Woodridge! She serves as the Junior Academy Upper School Lead, as well as Middle School Life and Physical Science Teacher. Ms. Beckwith graduated from McDaniel College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Sociology. She later earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Science at American University.

Ms. Beckwith has over seven years of instructional experience, and her students’ performance has increased with each passing year of instruction. Additionally, she has facilitated numerous professional development workshops for science teachers, and fostered partnerships with universities to get students to and through college.

From her seven years of teaching, she is grateful to have acquired unique skills and accomplishments. In 2013, she was named Friendship’s Teacher of the Year. Ms. Beckwith also proudly serves as a representative of Friendship’s first National Academy of Advanced Teacher Educators (NAATE) cohort. Aligned with Friendship’s mission, Ms. Beckwith’s primary goal is to equip students with the tools necessary to become productive citizens and contributors to society. As an educator, Ms. Beckwith strives to encourage a “hands on” approach to learning that ignites inquiry.


Candice Cooper, Elementary

Candice Cooper was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and transitioned to Friendship Chamberlain as an Instructional Performance Coach in 2010. As an Instructional Performance Coach, she worked with new and experienced elementary teachers to strengthen, guide, and establish effective practices schoolwide. During this two-year experience, Ms. Cooper accumulated a wealth of best practices and decided to return to the classroom with this newfound knowledge.

Mrs. Cooper obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, with a focus on Child and Adolescent Development from Howard University. She then joined Teach for America (Las Vegas Valley Region ‘08) and earned an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas while teaching PreKindergarten. Ms. Cooper is a part of NAATE (National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education) where she engages in discourse with other educators around the world about recent articles, journals and case studies.

She currently is a Master Teacher at Friendship Chamberlain. Her goal is to encourage learning by creating a safe environment for students to take risks and partake in stimulating material.


Fatima Coy, Kindergarten

Fatima Coy, originally from the sunny state of California, is a lead kindergarten teacher at Friendship Chamberlain. She graduated from Elizabeth City State University in 2007, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Ms. Coy joined the Chamberlain Champions in 2008 as a paraprofessional and transitioned to kindergarten teacher in 2009. Her passion for teaching young children to read led her to earn a Master’s in Reading and Literacy in 2011. As an Early Childhood Teacher, Ms. Coy loves getting lost in a good book with her students. She believes in the importance of reading aloud to her students throughout the day to stimulate their imaginations and expand their understanding of the world by making the meaningful and sometimes zany connections (to which only a kindergarten student could relate!)

In 2014, after becoming a host to an Urban Teachers (UT) fellow, Ms. Coy realized how important it was to not only promote growth among her students and within her practice, but also formally mentor other educators. In 2015, she joined Leading Educators where she learned to drive school-wide initiatives. Ms. Coy has successfully lead both campus and district-wide professional development. She is also a member of the 2015 Flamboyan cohort, where she gained invaluable knowledge about engaging families. She firmly believes in the connection between home and school in order for her scholars to be successful in their educational journey. Ms. Coy plans to use her experience as an early childhood teacher, leader, and Flamboyan member to mentor other educators as a Master Teacher.


 Jason Edwards, Middle School English

Jason Edwards joined Friendship Chamberlain in 2013. After attending high school at Sidwell Friends School in DC, he earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he subsequently received his teaching certification. After teaching middle and high school in Philadelphia, he returned to DC to continue his educational work with adolescents in the Potomac Gardens housing project in Southeast DC at a tutoring and mentorship program. He teaches English Language Arts with an intensive focus on composition to seventh and eighth graders at Chamberlain, where he was named a Master Teacher in 2016.


 Keisha Lewis, Elementary

Keisha Lewis was named Master Teacher in May 2015, while serving the upper-grade scholars in Mathematics at Friendship Southeast in Washington, DC. Ms. Lewis, having 17 years of teaching experience, is a graduate of The MICO Teachers’ College and The University of The West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, where she completed her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. She taught 3rd-6th grade in rural and urban parts of Jamaica for 8 years as Numeracy and Literacy Intervention Specialist, before moving to teach in the United States. She taught in North Carolina for 3 years and during that time, she completed her Masters in Leadership and Administration at The Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia in 2009. While at Friendship, Ms. Lewis has been nominated asTeacher of the Year in 2012, served as principal of Summer Learning Academy in 2013, as well as Data Talk Facilitator and grade-level chair. Her motto has always been: “Every child can and must learn.”