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Master Teacher Application Process

Master Teacher Application Process

A Friendship Master Teacher (MT) exemplifies key instructional drivers, and plays the crucial role in developing and shaping the direction of classroom instruction at Friendship Public Charter School. As a prominent instructional leader and professional example, the MT ensures students throughout the school are held to the high of expectations, both academically and behaviorally, and are engaged in innovative and rigorous instruction. The MT’s day encompasses educating students and providing professional development to teachers.  The MT’s leadership responsibilities extend beyond the school year to include strategic academic planning and professional development throughout the summer. 
Friendship’s intensive hiring process consists of the three stages described below.

STAGE 1: Application

The application is designed as a mechanism for candidates to provide evidence that supports the unique qualities and qualifications candidates possess.  The candidates whose applications best demonstrate their qualifications will be invited to the 2nd stage in the application process.

Application materials can be emailed to with the subject line, Master Teacher Application – (INSERT NAME).

During stage one of the selection process an individual submits an application that consists of 3 components:

  • Resume & cover letter
  • 15 minute video clip of teaching and learning
  • Letters of recommendation from:
    • Current student and/or parent
    • Current Supervisor or Coach
    • Current or former colleague

Cover Letter: Explain the reasons for your interest in being a Master Teacher at Friendship Public Charter School, and why you believe your skills, experiences, proven success leading student achievement, and personal career trajectory align with becoming a Friendship Master Teacher.

Video Clip: Applications must include an unedited video clip (maximum 15 minutes) of teaching in a classroom setting or a small-group setting. The video may contain only one continuous, unedited clip (i.e. do not splice together multiple clips from different points in the lesson). The clip does not need to show an entire lesson; a brief lesson segment is perfectly acceptable. The video must be accompanied by:

  • A written narrative that analyzes and reflects upon (at minimum) three specific sections or moments that improvements could be made in teacher practice
  • Explanation of the teaching and learning that occurs in the video
  • Evidence of student learning


STAGE 2:  Half day of teaching and debrief conversation

Candidates who are invited to the 2nd stage of the MT interview process will be observed by members of the selection committee for half of a regular instructional day. The purpose of the day is to assess the candidate’s ability to (a) effectively manage a classroom, (b) create a high-engagement learning environment, and (c) provide tangible evidence of student learning. 

After the half day interview, a 30-45 minute phone interview with members of the selection committee will take place. During this conversation, candidates will be asked about the lessons observed, outcomes of the lesson, and areas of self-improvement and growth.

STAGE 3: Performance task and interview with the Academic and Executive Leadership Teams.

Candidates who pass stage 2 are invited to participate in the third and final stage. During stage three candidates will complete a 60-90 minute performance task, as well as participate in an interview with Friendship’s Academic & Executive Leadership Teams. Candidates who most successfully demonstrate the ability to positively impact student outcomes will be offered Master Teaching positions with Friendship Public Charter School.