Friendship Schools

Why Give?

Friendship Public Charter School students are paving a life-changing path to college. With a 95 percent graduation rate and 100 percent of graduates accepted to college, Friendship is proving every day that urban public schools can be successful. By giving to Friendship, you help us build on a long tradition of results – because our work’s not done.

Doing the most good for children in need

  • HIGH IMPACT. As DC’s largest charter provider, Friendship directly serves nearly 4,000 children or 10 percent of all charter students in DC. This translates into a wide impact on the DC area, especially in DC’s most under-served communities. In 2012, Friendship alone delivered 25 percent of the high school graduates from Ward 7 and 8 – and every single one was accepted to a four-year college. Learn about some of our outstanding alumni.
  • HIGH QUALITY. Even as we serve more students, the quality of a Friendship education soars. Our campuses’ proficiency rates are up to 17 points higher than the typical school in their wards. We started the first Early College program in DC to help our students overcome barriers to college by earning up to two semesters’ college credit at no cost while they’re still in high school. As a result, over 80 percent of our graduates enroll in college the fall after high school graduation, compared to 38 percent citywide. But we won’t be satisfied until 100 percent of our students graduate from college – and we need your help.
Still more to be done

  • SUPPORT. We know the promise of college is our students’ greatest motivator to achieve now. But financing remains one of their largest barriers to that promise. Our Alumni Affairs office works hard to get our students over 8 million dollars in scholarships every year – but some of that money is set to expire. DC Achiever scholarships, which helped to finance college for 45 percent of our graduating class for each of the past six years, are projected to end with the class of 2017. We need your help to keep our students on the pathway to college graduation.
  • MAINTAIN. To achieve the quality of education that distinguishes Friendship in the areas of DC where need is greatest, we are constantly investing in our campus facilities, instructional technology, curriculum, staff development and support services. Without your support for these investments, we wouldn’t be in our current position to extend our 19-year tradition of results for another 19 years.