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This past Friday, September 27, 2013 upper school students at Friendship Collegiate Academy were able to celebrate the 4th Annual Back to School with The HistoryMakers. The HistoryMakers’ mission and goal is to inspire young people around the world, and to address issues in apathy, underachievement and delinquency in schools.

Our students were able to use effective information to advance their learning in Chemistry, with Mr. Tyrone D. Mitchell, Ph.D.-Program Director of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry Program at National Science Foundations, as well as to interact hands on with Mr. Vernon R. Morris, Ph.D. -Director, NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Chemistry and Atmospheric Sciences.

Our students designed and carried out sophisticated experiments hands-on which allowed them to understand the reason for isolating and controlling variables in an experiment. Students realized that scientific knowledge is subject to change as new evidence arises. They examined designs using scientific technology that allowed them to recognize and describe that if more than one variable changes at the same time in an experiment, the outcome of the experiment may not be attributable to any one of the variables.

Thank you Dr. Vernon R. Morris, and Dr. Tyrone Mitchell for visiting our school, and a BIG thanks to The HistoryMakers!

Photography by Bernadette Dare with